Zetech University

ee Zetech University is a Day, Mixed School located within Vihiga County in Constituency around Nairobi. is affiliated with Private Schools

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Ruiru - Off Thika Road

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Zetech University a private university specializing in education of Technology, Science and Business programmes with an exceptional learning experience and a great variety of opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds bouyed by its highly experienced and trained faculty, administrative and support staff members.

The University is purposefully positioned to equip graduates with critical skills to invent new technologies for the future. This Private University has zealously strived to provide the ideal environment and academic programmes for students to invent and shape the future of our society through meaningful and exciting technological approaches.

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Invent Your Future
  • Founded: 2014 - Letter of Interim Authority
  • KNEC Code: 0
  • Affiliation: Private Schools
  • Gender: Mixed School
  • Status: Day

  • Acreage: 0
  • Classrooms: 0
  • Students: 0
    • Male:890
    • Female:345
  • Teachers: 67

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