Sigalagala Polytechnic

ee Sigalagala Polytechnic is a Day & Boarding, Mixed School located within Nyeri County in Constituency around Kakamega. is affiliated with Central Government

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Sigalagala Polytechnic - Vision

To be a leader in technical training and innovation for social Economic Prosperity and Global Competitiveness

Sigalagala Polytechnic - Mission

To provide Quality Technical Training in Science,Engineering and Technology and to foster applied research and Community Outreach for Innovative and Sustainable Development.

Sigalagala Polytechnic - Core Values

In pursuit of vision,mission we will be guided guided by the following fundamental core values:

  • Transperancy, Accountability and Integrity
  • Exellence, Diversity and Teamwork
  • Respect for Human Rights and Gender Sensitivity
  • Professionalism, Innovation, Creativity and Cost effectiveness

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we impart skills to change lives
  • Founded: 1950
  • KNEC Code: 0
  • Affiliation: Central Government
  • Gender: Mixed School
  • Status: Day & Boarding

  • Acreage: 0
  • Classrooms: 0
  • Students: 0
    • Male:0
    • Female:0
  • Teachers: 0

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