Swedish School Association of Kenya

Swedish School Association of Kenya is a Day, Mixed School located within Vihiga County in Constituency around Nairobi

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[email protected]


020-3866544, 0722207120




Makindi Road Off Ngong Road

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Swedish School in Nairobi is located at Makindi Road off Ngong Road. We offer preschool for children between 1.5 and 5 years, we are a children s group with about 20 children. We have a nursery but many activities which are different depending on which theme we are working on.

We work with themes based on both Sweden and Kenya, it is important for us that the children take part of both cultures.We follow the Swedish curriculum and the Swedish curricula. A year on here on Swedish school in Nairobi (SSN) is in most cases interchangeable with one year at home at your current school.

We currently have just over 60 students in high school. The vast majority of our students are so-called "guest students" meaning they live in the school s boarding school where we have 55 rooms. Other students are so-called "Dagel ever" which means that they live with their parents here in Nairobi.

Our teaching is of high standard which is made possible by our having high staffing ratio, and our teachers are dedicated, experienced and competent. The relatively small undervisningsrgrupperna allows us to individualize instruction and closeness between student and teacher is evident.

Our students have different backgrounds and come from different schools around Sweden. This makes it more dynamic and adds value both in education and socially. In the evenings, we also offer additional instruction in eg mathematics and study skills.

Our unique location in Kenya colors of course the content of the courses we offer. We offer the courses that are part of the three programs and its approaches and a number of advanced courses. Three of these courses focus even more so on the region we live in, East Africa.

In these courses, we study our surroundings both in theory and in practice. Natural elements are field trips, guest speakers and field trips.

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