The Banda School

The Banda School is a Day & Boarding, Mixed School located within Nairobi City County in Langata Constituency around . is affiliated with Private Schools

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24722 Nairobi, 00502 Kenya


[email protected]




Magadi Road, Langata

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Founded by Mr and Mrs Chitty in 1966, the Band School's mission is to give all of their children wings and then teach them how to fly.

The School is one of the largest Preparatory schools outside the UK currently with 418 pupils and has earned a reputation for outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements with a very friendly atmosphere and relationship between the Staff and pupils.

What Banda School Aims For

  • B - To provide a Broad and Balanced educational experience that will ensure the development of the whole child.
  • A - To encourage an Ambition to excel - in all areas of school life.
  • N - To create a Nurturing environment so that each child feels safe to face new challenges.
  • D - To Develop enquiring minds, self-confidence and a range of skills to enable pupils to become independent learners.
  • A - To promote Acceptance of all, thereby preparing pupils for their future as global citizens.

More Information

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arduus ad stellas
  • Founded: 1966
  • KNEC Code: 0
  • Affiliation: Private Schools
  • Gender: Mixed School
  • Status: Day & Boarding

  • Acreage: 30
  • Classrooms: 28
  • Students: 325
    • Male:0
    • Female:0
  • Teachers: 45

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