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ee Starehe Girls Center is a Boarding, Girls Only School located within Nairobi City County in Kasarani Constituency around Kiambu. is affiliated with Central Government

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Starehe Girls Centre is a national boarding school that offers secondary education to financially disadvantaged girls from all counties of Kenya catering for all their academic and social needs.

The school was founded in January 2005 as a charitable institution. It emulates the spirit of the much renowned Starehe Boys Centre.

For many years, the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin, had a dream of starting a girls school founded on similar principles and ethos (The Starehe Way) as those of the Starehe Boys Centre.

He began by sponsoring some bright needy girls in the regular secondary schools. Most of them were sisters to the boys at his Centre.

Later on some visionary Kenyan women nursed the same idea and joined the Late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin in pursuit of this dream. The first step in realizing the dream was availability of the current land, over 55 acres, that was occupied by the defunct Limuru Girls Centre.

Thereafter, Trustees of Limuru Girls Centre legally transferred the land to the Trustees of Starehe Girls Centre. This was followed by many fundraising activities which were carried out to raise funds for setting up of the centre.

The initial funds were spent in renovating and refurbishing the existing buildings. The inauguration of the centre took place on 12th February 2005. Kenya s then First Lady, Mama Lucy Kibaki, was the guest of honour.

By then, the Late Dr. Griffin was very sick but expressed his satisfaction in witnessing the birth of the Girls Centre. He passed on in June the same year. May God Rest His Kind Soul in Eternal Peace.

Currently, the Centre has 440 girls representing all the counties of Kenya. They are admitted on the basis of being bright but financially needy.

The Centre aims at being a model school in all ways. It has the support of the Government which provides teachers. It has a membership of 300 Founder Members


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  • Founded: 2005
  • KNEC Code:
  • Affiliation: Central Government
  • Gender: Girls Only School
  • Status: Boarding

  • Acreage: 55
  • Classrooms: 0
  • Students: 743
    • Male:0
    • Female:743
  • Teachers: 0

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