Mangu High School

ee Mangu High School is a Boarding, Boys Only School located within Kiambu County in Juja Constituency around Thika. is affiliated with Central Government

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Mang'u High School was started in 1925 at Kabaa by a Dutch priest, Michael Witte, of the Holy Ghost Fathers.

On 2 July 1913 the first priest moved to Kabaa to start a mission on a 5-acre piece of land. This mission was abandoned in 1920 due to lack of sufficient converts. By then, a Catholic mission had been established at Kilungu. At this mission, Michael Joseph Witte, a Dutch, was running a Central School for Catechists in 1923.

It was decided to expand this school to a Central Training School for Catechists. Witte and his superior at Kilungu, Horber decided that the expanded school was not suited at Kilungu for several reasons. They suggested Mang'u, Riruta or Kabaa.

Witte was more liberal in thinking and chose Kabaa. The choice was approved by the Bishop. His choice of Kabaa was because he wanted to be far away from the ecclesiastical and civil authorities and could use his initiative to get things done.


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  • Founded: 1925
  • KNEC Code: 11200003
  • Affiliation: Central Government
  • Gender: Boys Only School
  • Status: Boarding

  • Acreage: 0
  • Classrooms: 0
  • Students: 749
    • Male:201
    • Female:199
  • Teachers: 48

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