Finding an Ideal Kindergarten for Your Child

  Finding an Ideal Kindergarten for Your Child Wednesday 27th July, 2016 631 views

Nursery, Baby-Class, Pre-Unit blah blah blah…why should a kid have to take 3 years in pre-primary education?

This whole repetition of the different levels is indeed confounding. Back then as a toddler, it was very simple. You spend 1 or 2 years in Nursery then off to class 1. And where did all these fancy colorful ceremonies originate from?

Back then there was nothing like graduating from nursery! Ever seen those 6 year olds adorned in gowns complete with graduation caps? Mmmh…poor little souls! Serikali saidia! Where did all this s*&% (oops, excuse my tongue) come from anyway?

But let’s face it, in this fast city life we’ve found ourselves in, finding a good school for that little photocopy of yours is like bidding for your motherland, Kenya to host the Olympics.

Now that’s a pregnant point for you to ponder every time you’re about to donate your not so superior genes (hehe, kiddin!) and contribute to the second great commission (go forth and fill the earth).

I bet you didn’t even know the moment you go to that your Kindergarten of choice, you’ll have to fill a waiting form! Go back home and wait to be called for an interview. Did I mention interview? Yes, I did. Just when you thought you were done with interviews. Hehe not so first, mi amigo!

Finding the ideal Kindergarten for your baby is not a weekend job. You literally need a whole month leave from work to begin the great search. Even soul search has nothing on this. 

But hey, don’t freak out, below are some guidelines towards choosing the best Kindergarten for your child:

  1. The Kindergarten should not be more than a 20 minute drive from your residence.

    • Prrisss! Do not subject your young child to a 5 A.M routine in the name of preparing to go to pre-unit.

    • If you want your baby to grow up into a teenage terrorist specialized in torching dormitories and science labs in high school then introduce them to a 2 hour bus ride every morning and evening!

    • I just hope I will not the Education Cabinet Secretary when your little devil grows up.

  2. The Kindergarten has to have a playground (what do 4 year olds do in school anyway?) and well aerated rooms, solid structures that won’t cave in on your child.

  3. Total Kindergarten Fees should not be more than your rent (good luck with this, like seriously!).

    • Stick to your lane. Period. No need to break the bank just to learn A is for Apple, B is for Burukenge (sorry). 

  4. Kindergarten syllabus or method of learning (terms like Montessori come to mind and other such weird terminologies)

    • Bottom-line: ensure your child is not just singing “kumbaya my Lord” and other such military choruses

  5. Where is the Kindergarten located?  – tafadhali no mabadi vibandas.  Health hazards abound everywhere, do not predispose your child to dusty locations and other avoidable pathogen sources.


As an afterthought, paying a lot of money in fees might not necessarily get you the best quality Kindergarten education for your child. Hii maneno ni kujipanga, ala!

Last but not least, rest assured that finding a good affordable Kindergarten within reach should not be rocket science but yes, it does take a bit of searching. Physical search, forget Google maps for once, sparky!

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