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Kenya Schools Directory focuses exclusively on helping expats, local parents and students learn about and discover both public and private schools in Kenya, their benefits, and the application process. The site can be particularly helpful for people who need to evaluate several potential schools, or for parents who are exploring different educational options for their child.

As we lead the way for education in Kenya, we continually aim to help families learn about and make the best educational choices for their children.

Schools directly update the information on our site at regular intervals, to help provide the most current data for families. Schools also respond to inquiries sent from our site, so that families can conveniently use our standardized forms to ask schools questions and receive free informational materials.

Our site aims to present its data, descriptions, and visuals in an impartial way that helps families gain a broader understanding of each school. We believe that there is no overall “best” school, as every student’s needs and preferences are different, as such, Kenya Schools Directory does not offer ranking of schools. By making use of the information on our site, families will arrive at a more appropriate school choice than if they had relied on an overall ranking of schools.

By providing information that is insightful and up to date, we help families make better educational choices. By making our research free, we invite all families into the school search process and help make private school as accessible as possible.

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